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Four elements of true love from Buddha’s wisdom

There are four elements of true love from Buddha’s wisdom that I was taught by my Zen Master: LOVING KINDNESS Loving kindness is the capacity to offer happiness. This first element show exactly the fact that we cannot give something that we don’t have. Master your self-love so that you have loving kindness to offer […]

What to do when I feel neither sad nor happy?

In Vietnamese Buddhism, being sad is “Khổ thọ”. Being happy is “Lạc thọ”. Being neither sad nor happy is “Xả thọ”. You can be very neutral like that someday and if you don’t feel comfortable with that feeling neutral, you fall again into being sad. That is falling from “xả thọ” into “khổ thọ”. My […]

How to deal with people judging on your spiritual practice?

I bet it’s not comfortable at all. People can use so many clever ways to say this and that about your spiritual practice. They may criticize you on practicing mindfulness meditation or offering love and compassion to people around you. To be honest, I still don’t why they keep doing so while I have no […]

EARTHING – Not because you can’t afford slippers!

When walking on the beach, I heard a four-five year old boy talking behind me:”Papa, I want to walk barefoot like her!” His papa said to him:”Naaaa. She walks barefoot because she doesn’t have enough money to buy shoes.” I was nearly bursting into big laugh. I HAVE ENOUGH MONEY hello genltement. To buy not […]